Why You Should Consider Microblading

The eyes contribute to the beauty of a lady. Well-groomed eyebrows enhance the shape of the face and highlighting the eyes. There are different ways of grooming your eyebrows, and most ladies have to groom them daily. However, to save time and effort, ladies are going for permanent eyebrows through a process known as microblading.

Permanent eyebrows come to save those who might have thin eyebrows, eyebrows that are sparse or too light. Ladies get their eyebrows filled with natural looking hair strokes or through micro-pigmentation. Microblading eyebrows process uses a pen that has a row of needles that pierce the skin simultaneously when it is pressed on the skin.

Microblading eyebrows is done using the following procedure:

  • First, the individual has a session with the therapist where they discuss the shape and size of the eyebrows that will suit the shape of the face best. Every client has a unique shape that fits them best. The eyebrow therapist is keen on paying attention to details making sure no mistakes happen since the results last for a couple of years.
  • After that, a numbing cream is applied on the eyebrows to reduce the sensitivity. The individuals will have to wait for a while for the cream to work before the process starts where the pen is used.
  • The incisions made by the pen are filled with vegetable dye. The eyebrows are expected to heal fully within two weeks. The process, however, is not recommended for those who have sensitive skin.

 Microblading procedure has several advantages to the ladies including:

  • It accommodates those who do not have the skill to pencil their eyebrows on a daily basis
  • It is a better option for those who are allergic to makeup products
  • It saves time since ladies will not have to groom their eyebrows for a few years making it suitable for those with a busy schedule
  • Cancer survivors who do not want to expose themselves to chemicals used in make-up are suited to try this method of eyebrow grooming
  • The process does not hurt since numbing cream is applied so the person will not feel anything, and it takes a short time to fill in the eyebrows
  • Those who opt for these eyebrows can enjoy leisure activities like swimming without having to worry about fading the eyebrows
  • The eyebrows are ready for use immediately after the process is complete. However, things like swimming will have to wait until they have fully healed.
  • The microblading eyebrows procedure is safe

These permanent eyebrows can be thought of as permanent tattoos for the eyes. They are safe and last for a minimum of two years depending on how they were done. There is a risk of infection, but the therapist will give advice on the best way to take care of them. Microblading eyebrows is becoming more popular with ladies who want to have eyebrows that do not need much care. The use of permanent make-up is turning the tables in the cosmetic industry, and ladies should feel free and try it.