Why Junus Coban Is the Most Exciting Brand in Streetwear

It’s obvious that streetwear is very trendy right now, which also means that it’s harder for designers to come out with original pieces. Junus Coban is one of the few that releases unique streetwear pieces that standout from competitors. His take on streetwear involves a mix of steampunk, post-apocalyptic and urban vibes. If you want to find all the latest pieces, Differio is an online menswear store that sells their most recent collections.

Junus Coban has one of the most unique t-shirts in streetwear.

Streetwear brands all have their own version of the elongated tee. This cut has been duplicated so many times that it has saturated the men’s streetwear market. Junus Coban’s take on this cut not only deviates from the usual style, but also takes it to the next level.

Differio sells one of their longline extended t-shirts in grey. This designer, elongated tee drapes over the shoulder with an additional, long layer. It also includes a pull-tie that can be tightened for a ruched effect. Available in light grey and charcoal, this cool men’s tee is a combination of punk and urban streetwear, creating a beautiful mix of styles.

Pockets are not only practical, but can also be very stylish.

It’s hard for designers to create a shirt that is both stylish and practical. Fusing fashion and functionality is a hard task. If pockets are important to you, one of Junus Coban’s latest tops is their longline, grey sleeveless shirts for men perfect for this. This tunic-style shirt contains cargo pockets on the sides that drape right past the waist. Talk about post-apocalyptic done stylish!

This shirt gives off a futuristic vibe while being extremely sensible at the same time. On top of that, it’s made from heavyweight cotton with an acid-wash finish. This really adds that distressed and worn-out feel that makes post-apocalyptic style so coveted.

If it truly is the apocalypse, then we need bags to carry our essentials.

You can also buy a convertible backpack in grey neoprene that’ll be your go-to bag for nailing futuristic streetwear. This cool men’s backpack is so unique because it contains multi-way straps in grey and black with asymmetrical zippers to give your bag that edge.

This is guaranteed to be one of the most stylish bags you’ve ever owned because there’s truly nothing else like it. What makes it so special is it contours against the back for maximum comfort while keeping a beautiful aesthetic. This is the ultimate accessory to carry your laptop, folders and other miscellaneous items.