Various Medicinal Uses and Effects of Kratom

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new buzzword “kratom,” but what is it, and why are so many people interested in it? The first step to understanding kratom is to understand it’s a plant. Taken as a tea or mixed with fruit juice, kratom has been used as a medical treatment for relief from chronic pain. Most often, kratom leaves are boiled with water and sugar or honey and strained into a cup; however, they can also be chewed on their own. Buy kratom now and start getting the benefits.

In addition to pain relief, this miracle plant has many other uses. It can also help people who experience opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms by easing their cravings without having any noticeable side effects. In fact, one of the most interesting and beneficial aspects of this plant is that it contains no opiates. In other words, kratom is not addictive. It has actually been used to help prevent drug addiction by those who are taking opiate medication but are afraid that they may become addicted to such drugs as hydrocodone (Vicodin) or oxycodone (OxyContin). Kratom has also been used to treat depression and anxiety by some people.

Some sources claim that kratom can also help with weight loss; however, there is no proof of this yet. It has also been used to treat chronic diarrhea and to help relieve pain associated with arthritis. As a result of these uses, kratom is sometimes taken by people who want to get off of prescription opiates without experiencing the debilitating effects that these drugs can have. On the other hand, some reports indicate that kratom should not be used as a replacement for opiate medication.

In addition to using kratom as an alternative treatment for opiate addiction, kratom products are sold at headshops, smoke shops, and gas stations; however, they are illegal according to FDA law. The most dangerous aspect of these products is that they contain other illegal substances such as LSD, marijuana and methamphetamines. Therefore, consumers should not buy kratom online from these sources but should instead look for licensed vendors listed on the DEA’s website.

Kratom may be legal to use in a few states, but it is actually banned in Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. Therefore, think again if you are traveling abroad and plan to bring kratom as a souvenir for your friends or loved ones back home. If caught with it in any of these countries, you could be fined or imprisoned.

Although this is true of some countries that ban psychoactive substances such as kratom, the United States Food and Drug Administration doesn’t seem to share the same opinion. The DEA has listed it as a “drug of concern” and noted that kratom is on its list of drugs and chemicals of interest for study. However, the FDA has stated that it does not consider kratom significant risk.

Despite the concerns expressed by the DEA regarding kratom and its potential for abuse or addiction, millions of people swear by it. A number of them say they were able to kick their opiate habit entirely after switching to kratom. What’s more, many chronic pain sufferers say they would have had a much harder time dealing with their illness without this new alternative treatment option.