Use of Sweatshirt while You are Jogging

The sweatshirt is one garment that people wear everywhere. There are many reasons that have made this garment so popular among young as well as adult men and women. Made out of soft fabric, these are the best option to keep warm in the winter and at the same time look stylish. It can be paired with any bottoms and shoes and hence are highly versatile. Choosing the light and good fabric hoodie can be one great option to wear at any casual occasion. Sweat shirts are worn by people jogging as well. So this is one basic garment that all must have in their wardrobe.

Wearing hoodie during running

When you work out or jog, you plan on burning calories to become fit and healthy. You need to be comfortable when you run or workout. Thus selection of right outfit and gear while you do so is very vital. Wearing a good sweatshirt and right shoes can put some impact to the entire exercise module.

  • Sweat shirts traps air inside the nap which keeps the person warm in the winter. People jog or go for a run during early morning when it is cold outside. Wearing a hoodie can keep you warm as you go out for the exercise.
  • It is likely for people to get hurt at times when they go out for running. The hoodie can prevent getting injuries if you fall down for some reasons.
  • When you run or exercise the heart rate increases to provide more oxygen to the parts of the body. For this more energy is required which in turn burn more calories. When you wear hoodies during you run, it increases the temperature of the body. Increased body temperature means enhanced blood circulations and heart rate. As a result you burn more calories than usual. Thus wearing such garments can help you get better results from exercise.

Although putting on hoodie during a jog can help you burn calories at faster rate, still it could not be always a good idea. Heat exhaustion is one condition where your body is unable to keep up to the increasing temperature of the body. Intense physical work including exercise and workouts can lead to such condition. Wearing sweat shirts when you run can increase the temperature to the limit that can cause heat exhaustion and even more dangerous heat stroke. So it is wise to take out the hoodie if you find the temperature of the body increasing rapidly. Drinking plenty of water can help you keep hydrated as well.