Top Airlines to Fly from Delhi to Singapore

Singapore is a mini-India in many ways. The majority of the population belongs to the Indian diaspora. In fact, Tamil is one of the official languages of Singapore. Hence, you find a lot of traffic between India and Singapore. Let us look at some of the ways for Delhi to Singapore Flights Booking.

A total of around 18 airlines operate flights between the Indian Capital and Singapore. These include some of the top airlines like Air Asia, Etihad, Emirates, Air India, Jet Airways, Malaysian Airlines, and Indigo.

Let us look at the salient features of the top airlines to fly from Delhi to Singapore.

  1. Cheapest airline:Naturally, cost is a very important factor, especially when you consider such short-duration flights. Jet Airways has the distinction of operating the cheapest fares from Delhi to Singapore, especially when it comes to airlines that operate over two stops.
  2. Low-Cost airlines:The majority of the airlines listed above are national carriers. Hence, you cannot expect them to be low-cost ones. Of all the 18 airlines that operate flights from Delhi to Singapore, Jet Airways and Indigo are the only low-cost airline companies. In case you are look to save a quick buck, you can always try out these options.
  3. Air Asia:Air Asia is one of the economy airlines that operate between Delhi and Singapore. In fact, if you look at one-stop airlines, Air Asia should count as one of the cheapest airlines to fly to Singapore. They have a flight at 23.15 that reaches Singapore the next day at 15.40 with a long halt in between at Kuala Lumpur.
  4. Jet Airways:Jet Airways has the reputation of a low-cost airline. However. Jet Airways operates many flights between Delhi and Singapore, some of them flying non-stop as well. Non-stop flights are usually more expensive than the one-stop and two-stop flights. The reason is obvious because it saves a lot of time for the passenger.
  5. Singapore Airlines:How can you imagine the national airline of Singapore not to have a direct and non-stop flight from Delhi to Singapore? The normal flying time between Delhi and Singapore is around 5 hours and 40 minutes. Singapore Airlines operates a flight that starts at 9.00 am in Delhi and reaches Singapore by around 17.25 hrs. Hence, it takes around 5 hours and 55 minutes. This is normal because you can expect a lot of air traffic in Singapore at that time. Hence, flights can get delayed as they hover around the airport waiting for clearance.
  6. Malaysian Airlines:Malaysian Airlines operates a one-stop flight from Delhi to Singapore. Obviously, the stop is at Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. These are night flights that are comfortable for the travellers. You get great facilities in these Malaysian and Singapore Airlines flights.
  7. Malindo Air:Malindo Air is a local Malaysian premium airline owned by Indonesia. Hence, you have this name, ‘Malindo’. This airline operates daily flights from Delhi to Singapore with one halt at Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Air India:We now come to the premier airline company of India, Air India. The national carrier of India operates non-stop flights from Delhi to Singapore every day with each flight taking the stipulated 5 hours and 40 minutes of travel time.

We have seen a lot of private as well as national carriers ferrying passengers from the Indian capital, New Delhi to Singapore. Each of these airline companies, except the low-cost flights provides the best facilities to the passengers.

In addition to the airlines mentioned above, you have carriers like Indigo, Air Pegasus, and other similar smaller airlines having their flights from Delhi to Singapore. Normally, the flights have a halt at Kuala Lumpur. This is because a majority of Indian people travel to Malaysia as well on business and tourist visas. This sector has a lot of traffic. This explains why there are around 20 services by 18 of the top airline companies in Asia.

Some of the other layover airports include Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Colombo. This is because these flights pick up passengers from these areas as well. It is very rare that the flights get completely booked from Delhi to Singapore. You need such layovers to cater to passengers from other cities. This also gives these airline companies a chance to ferry passengers for short distances from New Delhi to all the places mentioned above. This is a good income earning opportunity for these airline companies for the simple reason that travelling in an international flight is always more expensive than travelling in a domestic flight.


The Delhi-Singapore sector is a busy one. Otherwise, why would you have 18 international and domestic airlines vying for airspace in this sector? This traffic proves that Singapore is still one of the most favoured locations for air travel from India. This reminds me of an old Hindi film song, “Jeevan Mein Ek bar aana Singapore.” It translates thus, “You must visit Singapore at least once in your lifetime.”