Tips for Buying the Right Prescription Glasses

Buying prescription glasses is a lot more work than you think. There are some things you should know before buying glasses at your local optician shop. If you do not consider all these factors carefully, you might end up with a pair of glasses with wrong prescription or the ones which look unflattering on your face. Here are some tips for buy the correct prescription glasses for yourself.

Get an updated Eyesight Check

Before buying a pair of new glasses it is always recommended to visit your doctor and get an update on the condition of your eyesight. The validity of a prescription for adults is 2 years and 1 year for children. Following are some points your doctor will measure while prescribing lens, which you need to know if you are placing an order online. Glasses 4 U is a great website for buying eye glasses online with the most accuracy of prescription.

  • Oculus Dexter (OD) and Oculus Sinister (OS) refers to your right and left eye respectively.
  • Sphere (SPH) – refers to the power of the lens which is negative (-) for nearsightedness and positive (+) for farsightedness.
  • Bifocals (ADD) – is the added magnifying power to the bottom of the lens.
  • Axis – is the positioning of cylindrical power on the lens.
  • Pupillary Distance (PD) – is the exact distance between both of your pupils and is measured in millimeters.

All the above measurements should be updated accurately in order to get the perfect pair of eye glasses.

Select a Flattering Frame

After the lens, the frame of your eye glasses will need the most consideration as choosing the wrong style will make you look unflattering. First, you should consider your face shape and eliminate the frame styles which are a big no-go for you. Next, you should select among the ones that you can pull off and choose the best one. You can also make a decision based on your personality or the occasions you will wear your eye glasses on, such as:

  • Conservative frames and tones for serious business meetings.
  • Modern, geometric frames with bolder tones like purple or green for creative professionals.
  • Geeky, retro or sporty frames with funky colors for students.

Feel free to experiment with designs and colors to get the pair of eye glasses which is the perfect representation of your personality. In addition, you should pay attention to the size of spectacles as well, which will ensure that your glasses perfectly fit on your nose bridge.