These Fashion Products Sold the most in 2016

Just because 2016 is behind us, doesn’t mean some of the fashion trends haven’t come along for the ride in 2017. As a matter of fact, there were quite a few fashion trends and products, which were sold in extremely high quantities in the previous year. Whether you are a fashion guru, or just want to look your best, the right accessory and product can make or break any outfit. According to these were some of the top sellers in 2016.

Sneakers (the right brand name style of course) – 

But not just any pair of course, Puma sneakers were a top seller in 2016. With celebrities like Rhiana and Kylie Jenner wearing the shoes frequently, they were one of the top selling products purchased last year. With celebrity backing, and a shoe which can be dressed up or down, fashion enthusiasts who love a comfortable, laid back style, flocked to purchase the shoes in record numbers during the 2016 calendar year.

Emoji anyone? – 

Emojis are in. Whether you like the smiley face, twinkling eyes, or winking emoji, they were hot sellers in 2016, and the later portion of 2015 for that matter. Adults and children alike love the playful style and unique look of the yellow, and brighter colors which are available. From slippers to tank tops, custom tees or socks, you can find these unique faces on nearly any clothing store rack, and online retailer you shop for designer clothing and fashion with.

Slides – 

Who doesn’t love to look good and feel comfortable at the same time? Whether it is a warm pair of Ugg slides, or designer slides for a day out or day at work, these comfortable shoes were atop the most purchased products in 2016. Leather, softer suede styles, or even pajama slides before bedtime (cotton blend), were some of the products which were most purchased during the year.

Obscure styles – 

From a pac man blazer, to pizza socks, to cat panties, there are so many unique looking gifts out there. And, these, and several other distinct styles, made their way onto runways, and into our homes, during the 2016 year. From blazers and sports coats, to socks, custom tees, or pajamas, you can find something a little out there, and a little different, while making it all your own with some of the custom styles which manufacturers were producing during 2016. Whether celebrities wore them, or you simply loved the cute look you saw at your favorite clothing store, weird, obscure, and different, on all types of clothing, were some of the top sellers during the previous year.

Of course with every generation comes a distinct look and style. But, certain trends, celebrities, and of course what is hot in the news and media, also influence our buying style and what we wear on a day to day basis. These were just a few of the hottest items you could buy during 2016, and a few of the unique, and a little bit obscure styles, which are sure to come along for the ride in 2017 as well.