The Most Ideal Serving Temperatures For Beer Revealed!

Like most brewers will tell you, the ideal drinking or serving temperature for beer often depends on its method of fermentation or if you may, how it is brewed. Bottom fermented beers such as pilsner or lager tend to be best served cold while top fermented beers such as stouts and ale are better served warm. Another quick and easy guide that may help is the color of the beer. Light colored beers should be served cold while dark ones the other hand should be served warm. On that note, here is what you need to know about the right temperatures for serving beer.

Ice cold – 0 to 4°C

You must have heard of the old wives tale of drinking anything you do not want to taste below 4°C. That sums it up well. Your sense of taste is simply dulled at low temperatures. Take that into consideration and you will understand why pale lagers should always be served cold. Serve yours ice cold or better yet, from the tap of the fridge.

Chilled – 3 to 5°C

This is where low carb beers come into the picture. Their flavors when warm are not refreshing. That said and done, low carb beers should always be served below 10°C. Remember to serve in a bottle or original can. A chilled, tall, thin glass can also be used.

Cold – 4 to 7°C

The most popular beers, including craft beer fall in this category. They are simply delicious and quenching at this temperature. Golden ales, fruit beers and Duvels are just but the examples of beers that should be served cold under the said temperatures.

Cool – 7 to 11°C

Rich, tasty and flavorsome beers are best served under this temperature. The same case applies to American pale ales and reds. If you had refrigerated your pale or reds leave it out for 3 to 5 minutes before opening it.

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