The Different Types of Hats

The Many Different Types of Hats

Regardless of what you may think, there are actually many different types of hats you can choose to accompany your outfit. There is a hat for every occasion and every different styles. Some of the most popular hats that are worn most often include fedoras, wholesale fitted caps, five panel caps, train drivers, the bucket hat and the panama hat.


A fedora is a hat that is most commonly worn by men and is in fact a very fancy fare. They are known for their sharp, bold look and are most commonly black with very little detail. You might want to wear a fedora if you are going somewhere with a dress code, or if you want to dress up an otherwise rather simple attire.

These are also great additions to anyone with business casual work attire that just wants something to add a little style to the outfit.

Wholesale Fitted Caps

 Fitted caps are another very popular type of hat that can be worn for a more casual style. They are great because they are comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Fitted caps can work for men or women of any age, and are arguably one of the most versatile hats you can wear. Sometimes you see them with sports teams logos on, sometimes one solid color and sometimes they even have a person’s name engraved on them!

Five Panel Caps

 The five panel caps is what we would call a fancier version of the baseball cap. The five panel caps is a comfortable alternative to a baseball hat but is also a little dressier and able to be worn more freely. They have a nice look and can really create a more sophisticated look for a younger, trendy style or they can jazz up a mature, elegant style. They come in tons of different colors and designs you can choose from and are typically made with quality cotton, polyester or wool.

Train Driver’s Hat

 Train driver’s hats are nice for people with a smaller frame that need a hat that will sit nicely on their head. The train drivers hat is also very classy, sophisticated hat that looks great on everyone and adds a bit of style to even the most mundane attire. This is a hat that is also really great for everyday use and for people that want a new innovative look or something fresh.

The Bucket Hat

 A bucket hat is a square type of hat that really embodies a person’s frame and can make you look trendy and hip. This type of hat is usually worn to protect one’s head from the sun. With the high edges and long overlapping sides, it makes for a great everyday use hat that also serves a very important purpose.

The Panama hat

 The panama hat is a really fun, quirky hat that serves a purpose but is also a style icon. When you see a panama hat you probably are thinking Jimmy Buffet, laying on a beach somewhere, playing a ukulele by the ocean, that is how much fun this hat can be! Known for it’s curved front edges and sleek design, the panama hat was originally created to keep off that island sun, but is now a style icon that everybody can enjoy.

As you can see, there are far more types of hats than you probably could even imagine, and these are just a few! Choose one that fits your style but also functions well for what you need to use it for and you will have a really fun time mixing and matching these fun styles.