The Best (and Most Useful) Online Tools for Students

The internet and the many resources and tools available on the World Wide Web have certainly made studying less challenging. Instead of spending hours in the library trying to find specific information, for example, the same search can now be completed in a matter of seconds online.

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Some online resources are invaluable when you are a student. Knowing which tools and web services to use for specific purposes can certainly help, and that is exactly what we are going to do in this article. Here are the best – and most useful – online tools to use as a student.

Google Scholar

Do you need to find research papers or books on a specific subject? Are you looking for a quote or a theory to add to your report? Instead of doing the usual Google, get to the materials you need faster by using Google Scholar.

Available at, Google Scholar offers added tools that make searching for papers, reports, and books easier. For starters, you can limit the publication time and quickly find the most recent papers on the subject.

You can also expand the search to include materials such as patents and citations. On top of that, you can now set up alerts to get notified whenever a new paper or report on the subject is released and indexed.


Studypool is more of a web service than a tool, but it is still a handy website when you are a student. What Studypool does is connect students and tutors on an intuitive platform. The platform itself offers a range of tools that make completing assignments and getting help easier.

If you need chemistry homework help, for example, you can find a tutor (or tutors) that specializes in chemistry. You can also post your chemistry homework and have the best tutors look into it immediately.

Studypool doesn’t just let you connect with tutors. It also allows students to ask questions, read papers, and help each other. The site covers a wide range of topics and you can always find help no matter when you visit Studypool.


Next, we have Saylor by Saylor Foundation. The idea behind Saylor is very simple: the foundation wanted to make useful classes and courses free and more accessible. The site now hosts hundreds – if not thousands – of free courses that you can take to learn new skills.

The courses available on Saylor are divided into different levels and categories. There are credit-aligned courses that you can take as well, along with courses on math, art history, general education, and business administration.

A similar resource center with a more specific set of subjects is available too. When you need to improve your SAT score, you can turn to Study Guide Zone for help. The site grants you access to mock exams and additional resources that will help you prepare for them.

There are still so many websites and online tools you can use to improve your life as a student. MCM Outlet has a lot of tips to help you get started too, including these tips on how to stay organized. Stay tuned for more!