The Benefits of Having a Gorgeous Wood Floor

Are you tired of your old matted carpet? Does the colour of your carpet make you nauseated? Maybe it’s time for a change. A lot of DIY home designers are switching to wood floors because wood is better than carpet in a lot of ways. If you’re interested in changing the aesthetic of your flooring, you should know why wood floors are a great option.

While wood floors are not the cheapest option, deciding to invest in wood floors can be a wise decision. There are so many benefits associated with having wood floors over tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring that it makes the investment worth the money.

Easier Than Carpet

Carpet might feel soft but there are a lot of problems with it. First, carpet is hard to clean. You might be able to get some dirt out of your carpet by vacuuming but you’ll never be able to restore your carpet to its original state by vacuuming it. In order to properly clean the carpets, you’ll probably need to hire a carpet cleaning company and spend a lot of money.

Carpet also goes out of fashion relatively quickly. In the 1970s, it was very popular but today carpet is associated with an antiquated sense of fashion. Because carpet is made of soft fabric, it is not very durable. Your old carpets are probably deteriorating and will only get worse.

With wood floors, cleaning is easy. All you need is a light vacuum or even a broom. Wood floors do not look worse with age and actually look better as they get older. Additionally, wood floors do not absorb odours as carpets do.

Cleaner Than Tile

Tile might feel nice to walk on but it’s very porous, which means that dirt can get into every single open crevice. The older your tile gets, the dirtier it will look. While you might love the way brand-new tile looks, it’ll never look the same after you install it. Dirt can also get into the grout lines, making it appear unevenly coloured and gross-looking.

The spaces between wood panels are much smaller and the likelihood of dirt getting lodged in between panels is much smaller. Most wood floors are glazed so that no dirt can get into the wood grains. Overall, wood floors will always look cleaner than tile floors.

Countless Options

There are so many options when it comes to getting wood floors. Timber flooring is a gorgeous option that can complement several different design styles. Whether you want a clean or a distressed finish on your wood flooring, there are options for you.

Depending on where you live, you can even get floors made out of local wood. Some companies manufacture and install gorgeous local Australian wood floors that can complement any home. If you’re interested in finding a company that can provide you with the perfect wood flooring, you should get online and do some research. If you’re not sure about what kind of wood you’d like to use, you should ask a design expert for help.