Six Ways to Score Cheap Flight Tickets in 2017

Are you trying to keep your travel costs down? Whether travelling for business or pleasure, there are simple steps you can take to minimize the price you pay for flights. These tips will leave you with more money to save or spend once you get to your destination.

1. Use a price comparison website

Use a site which aggregates flights from different airlines to find the cheapest option available. Skyscanner and Google Flights are great examples of this. You can even sign up for alerts to notify you when good-priced tickets are up for grabs.

2. Sign up to airlines mailing lists to hear about seat sales

Airlines will contact people who are on their subscriber list to let them know about upcoming flight sales. All you have to do is provide them with your email address to be one of the first few to know about them before the world does.

  1. Get rid of your cookies

    Not the biscuit type! Go into your internet history and delete your browsing history. This will prevent those pesky airlines from using data from your previous searches to hike up prices of flights you are keen to take. With all the money you save, you could even consider investing in real estate in the Philippines, for example. And on Zipmatch, you can buy a condo for sale anytime. Even if you’re not ready to buy a condo, you can certainly save more money to have a good time in this tropical country.

    4. Book tickets in advance

    Being organized can have its benefits! Plan your trip a few months in advance to make the most of cheaper-priced fairs. The perceived wisdom seems to be to book flights two months in advance to get the best price. For more detailed information about specific routes, check out the website.

    5. Consider changing your schedule

    Have you got your heart set on a particular destination? If the answer is yes, then make sure to be flexible when it comes to your traveling schedule to score flights during less expensive times. For example, weekday travel is often cheaper than jetting off on a weekend. Travelling off peak can also have knock-on benefits; you will probably find that you will save money on accommodation at these times, too. An additional perk when traveling during off-peak season is you’ll have less competition in doing touristy activities.

    6. Use a different airport

    For big savings, be flexible about your departure and arrival airports. Look into flights leaving from airports which may not necessarily be the closest one to where you live, and also look at flight options to all airports in the vicinity of your destination. You might find that a budget airline serves one route, but not another. The big savings you could make on your flights could make it worth your while to pay more for airport transfers.