Six Tips to Consider when Sending Out Christmas Cards

Preparing, addressing and mailing out holiday cards to relatives and friends are things many people love to do. Also, it is awesome to expect and get the everyday delivery of cards. While this seems quite an obvious task, there are a number of rules everybody must observe as they mail out their holiday cards. Whether you are sending out Christmas dinner invitations or Christmas cards, below are some tips to make sure you do your best as you send joy to everybody on your card list this Christmas season.

Designate the Cards to Send to Every Family

It is imperative to set up a system which helps you in remembering the friends that really celebrate Christmas and those who don’t. Also, if you wish to produce family photos or newsletters during the holidays, have a list of people who must get such personalized cards. For business associates and people you don’t know well, you can send out general cards.

Consider Adding Personal Message and Signature

A lot of families can either make their own personal cards but others prefer to order from printing companies. Either of these offers the chance to send custom greetings which nobody else will have. In case you are planning to order a big number of cards, you can choose to have your name printed on the card. But the best idea is to have your own penmanship or signature on the card. And consider adding a personal note. This will show that you took the time to attend to and mail the card for your recipient.

Don’t Forget to Include Return Address

This is necessary information on any written correspondence. If your card is received, your recipient will know who sent the card. Also, the return address will make sure that your recipient has your current mailing address should they want to send out cards in return.

Send through Snail Mail

Actual cards are preferred by many over electronic cards because nothing substitutes the real thing. Christmas cards are sent as a symbol of gratitude and friendship. The main idea is sending a gift of joy and blessing to people. They are intended to be personal.

Send a Card to a Business Associate in His Office

Sending Christmas greetings and cards to the home of a business associate is not appropriate. Unless you know him personally and interact with him socially, try to keep it professional and send your holiday card to his office. Also, this is a situation when it is not appropriate to send out family newsletters and photo cards.

Return the Favor

Have a record of people with whom you exchanged holiday cards every year. In case you have sent out a card to a certain family for five straight years and haven’t got any greeting in return, it is reasonable enough to remove them from your record. They may not be interested in getting the cards or don’t take part in the exchange of greetings this way.