Shopping List for a Marvelous House Party

Throwing a house party can be a bit stressful. From choosing the right décor to the food served. We want friends over to have fun and leaving raving about our party. The days of buying a beer keg and a few pizzas is long past. Now the bar has been lifted to trendy and chic parties, where people come to socialize, drink, eat and have fun. Here are some items you should definitely add to your shopping list for the next amazing party.

The Drinks

Cocktails have grown significantly in popularity and deliciousness. The classics are always good, but lack the element of surprise. We know what to expect when it comes to the classics, from the mojitos by the pool to the old fashions before dinner. Many people have started inventing their own cocktails to match their party theme or a particular taste they have in mind. Cocktails are not necessarily hard to make, but needs the right equipment and alcohol on hand. At the bare minimum, a cocktail shaker and strainer is needed. Depending on your pouring skills, you may want to add a couple of thimbles (25 mL and 50 mL). Lastly, either find your recipes online, in a book or start getting creative. It will be important to have a few recipes memorized to look professional while mixing.

The Food

The better your food looks when served, the better it’ll taste. Studies have shown that we visually associate elegantly presented food with better tasting food. So forget disposable serving trays and paper plates. Invest in high quality serving trays and dishes. Plus, garnish the trays and dishes with herbs, fruits or even fresh edible flowers. Paper plates should not be on your shopping list, as they are sometimes too soft and typically stain quickly. If you are going the disposable route, then invest in well-made small plastic plates. Avoid using any large plates as it will keep your guest walking and talking.

The Décor

Accenting your home with mindful decorations is sometimes crucial. Setting the atmosphere for your friends to feel comfortable is important, as many times not everyone is familiar with one another. Making your home feel more like a lounge can easily set people in the socializing mindset. This can be easily achieved with dim lighting or opting to use string LED lights. Add a bit of color by purchasing a few colored light bulbs for your lamps. If the party is outside, then make if fun with sparklers. This will give your guests a chance to have fun with each other and tap into their inner child. Plus, there will be no need to go to a specialty store for sparklers since they can easily be purchased at These sparklers last four minutes and they are smokeless. Before being lit, the sparklers are silver colored, and when lit, they burn the color of a candle flame.

The Music

The quality of the sound is sometimes more important that the music being played. Many people use their theater sound system for parties, which can be a good option if the main area for the party is near the television. Make sure to buy a small portable speaker for soft music outside this area, such as creating an ambiance for the smokers on the patio. Furthermore, having a playlist ready will prevent the need to run back and forth to change the music.

With the proper planning and complementing accessories, any party can be turned into a memorable experience.