Shopping for the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for anyone is sometimes a challenge, especially when you don’t know the person very well. Even if you have lived with someone for years, it is still difficult to get them the perfect gift. We want to make the person happy and avoid the dreaded re-gift pile. Getting creative with our gifts is a great start to giving the perfect gift. Unique and special gifts are received much better than something the person could have bought themselves. In this article we will explore some nontraditional gifts to fun gifts that could be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Rare Coins

How many times have we received something that actually has value and will appreciate in value? Personally, this has never happened to me. Next time we are shopping for someone, we should ask ourselves if this person likes to save money or to keep valuable objects. If the answer is yes, then a rare coin is the answer. Simply searching for a coin shop near me can bring up many potential shops where you can find beautiful and rare coins. Make sure that the presentation is also aligned with your gift. Having your coin framed can be a brilliant option as it can immediately be placed in the house. This also serves to show the importance of the coin, which will definitely be a good conversation starter.

Rustic and Artisanal Crafts

Now that it is easier than ever to buy nearly anything over the internet, we should spend a few moments on crafts from different parts of the world. Many countries offer unique artwork or crafts that are absolutely stunning. For example, in Oaxaca, Mexico, hand crafted wooden sculptures are everywhere, but without making the trip down to Oaxaca we can purchase the same quality craft online. With a simple search of handcrafts from Oaxaca will bring you many options to purchase that unique and culturally rich gift.

Spending time in a thrift store or an art gallery can also give many good ideas for gifts. Granted you will need to know the person’s taste in décor, but sometimes you can give an art piece so unique that no one could resist falling in love with it. Depending on your budget, you may want to avoid art galleries as they do charge a premium. Many times you can find an artist’s work on their webpage or by directly contacting them. This will save both money and time, since you will be going directly to the source.

Fun Gifts

Giving someone a fun puzzle or game that can be used at the next house party is also a winner. Make sure to give something that can be used multiple times, such as a card sets or brain teasers. Personally, I enjoy brain teasers that can be placed on a coffee table where guests can pick them up and try to solve them. Plus, the owner of the puzzle can have the power to withhold the solution or finally come in like a hero to solve the puzzle in front of everyone.

There are many gift ideas that can be explored, but always keep in mind you are giving the gift of happiness when giving someone a present.