Shopping for a Smoothie Blender: Checking Out Blender Characteristics

Smoothies have delicious flavors and provide health benefits. They are easy-to-made as long as you have a blender. However, it is imperative to pick a good blender to come up with a perfect smoothie. When shopping for a blender, there are some things you have to pay attention to so that your chosen blender will not disappoint you.

A blender is a useful addition to your collection of kitchen appliances. Although any blender will blend or mix your ingredients into a smoothie, you will have to think about some things when picking a blender. It is imperative to be an informed shopper so you get a quiet blender that provides the delicious smoothies.

Compare Price Against the Quality

Just like when buying other products, price is a big factor to consider. If you want durable and lasting blenders, you won’t mind the price as long as you end up with a worthwhile investment. If your budget is tight, you may only afford a cheap blender that may have you replacing it one after another.

Consider Other Characteristics

No matter what your price range is, the right blender must have the following characteristics.

  • Study base. A good blender must have a sturdy base that is preferable made with metal. This ensures that the blender stays in place while functioning.
  • Speed control. A blender with a variable speed control lets you slowly increase the speed of the blade. Go for a blender with at least three speeds.
  • Motor. Pick a blender that has at least 350 watts to 500 watts. You can go for higher watts if you can afford a more expensive blender. A blender with higher watts means it is powerful at pureeing frozen veggies, fruits and ice.
  • Assembly of the Blade. Make sure that the blade assembly if fixed to the crate. The interlocking gears must be made of metal and never plastic.

  • Pitcher. A quality blender comes with a polycarbonate plastic or glass. Although glass gets more recommendation than polycarbonate plastic, consumers who give more value to safety will go for the latter option. The pitcher has to be square to ensure that ingredients are blended well.
  • Plunger. If you will buy a higher-end blender, expect it to come with a blender plunger.  You can also a wooden spoon but you must be ready to need many of them.