Save Water with a Good Water Purifier and Contribute Significantly to Water Conservation

Water is the essence of human life. But, out of 71% water available on the earth’s surface, only 1% is available for consumption. For this reason, it is essential to conserve water. While a large number of regions in India suffer from severe drought and lack of water supply, there is a large population that still wastes water. If you wish to lend a helping hand towards the community and wish to save water, you can do this by using the best RO water purifier at home. Read on to find out how water purifier can help in saving water.

How a Water Purifier Helps Save Water?

With the increasing levels of waterborne diseases, it has become necessary for every house in India to install a water purifier. However, most of the RO water purifiers available in the market tend to waste lots of water. Such water purifiers reject almost 80% of the water as waste. Taking into consideration the increasing amount of water wastage, Kent offers the best water purifiers with advanced technology.

  • Save Water Technology

Kent offers water purifiers with the most advanced ‘Save Water’ technology that can control water wastage to a great extent and save up to 50% of water. With this technology, the water purifier purifies maximum level of water. These water filters reduce the amount of rejected water and as a result when water is purified there is very less amount of water wasted.

  • Optional Reject Water Tank

You can opt to buy purifiers that come with an in-built ‘reject water’ tank. This water tank collects all the rejected water from the purifier. You can use this water to perform other household activities like washing clothes, mopping the floor, cleaning utensils, washing cars, pre-rinsing laundry etc.

Even if your water purifier does not come with a ‘reject water’ tank, you can think of other clever ways to collect the water that is rejected in the process of purifying. You can collect the rejected water from the purifier in a contained that is placed appropriately. Later, you can use the collected water for household chores. You can also consider using a dedicated or permanent piping that can lead the rejected water from the purifier to a storage contained outside the kitchen. You can think of many ideas like these, but the final solution has to be smart, simple, economical and effective.

With the significant amount of water that you can save with water purifiers, they are no doubt a great investment not only for your health, but also for environment conservation. Kent offers the best RO water purifier for your home. It offers purifiers with advanced technologies and solutions that would not just supply you with clean and pure water, but also ensure that water wastage is reduced to a great extent. Hence, if you want clean and healthy water and at the same time reduce water wastage, then water purifiers from this brand are an ideal solution for your home.

The water dispenser is a machine that dispenses water for drinking. The typical water dispenser consists of a reservoir, a pump to supply the water, and some kind of filtering device.