Protecting Your Hair (And Your Patients) WIth Surgical Scrub Hats

When performing surgery, you have the lives of your patients in your hands. That’s why it is important to do everything you can to protect them from serious injury and infection. Sanitizing your hands is a good step, as is regularly wearing your scrubs. But what about surgical scrub hats? Many surgeons either ignore these hats or find them unnecessary due to other protective items. This is a major mistake and it is one that can be deadly to your patients.

What Are Surgical Scrub Hats?

These protective items are designed to not only go over other protective head items, but to increase their efficiency. They go over the head and block hair and other items from falling off a doctor. This is particularly important during surgery because your patient will be open. During this delicate period, even a single hair or a bit of dirt from your scalp could put them at the serious risk of an SSI infection.

How Dangerous Are Infections?

As a doctor, you know how dangerous SSI infections are to your patients. But it is worth reminding yourself when deciding on whether to buy surgical scrub hats. An infection in a person’s body could quickly spread to vital organs and other delicate areas of the body. Once they get started, these infections are hard to stop and may end up attacking, injuring, or even destroying delicate parts of the body.

Statistics state that SSI infections are likely in about 1-2 percent of all surgeries. So they are bound to happn to even the best prepare surgeon. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do everything you can to prevent them. Good scrub hats can help you here by creating a barrier that prevents hair and other items from infecting your patient.

Do They Have Any Other Benefits?

One nice thing about surgical scrub hats is that there are many different styles and types available on the market. While they typically follow the same basic construction, there are many different fun styles you can integrate into your surgical style. These hats are often a way to show off your personality and create a light and easy-going atmosphere in your hospital.

Don’t ignore the importance of fun in the hospital environment. Many studies have shown that people enjoy a more “fun” hospital atmosphere and appreciate a doctor with a sense of humor. While it’s not necessary to go the full on clown route, fun and funny scrub hats can create a light feeling in the air that can benefit both you and your patients.

That’s why it’s worth considering making an order for these unique items. You’ll not only protect your patients from life-threatening infections but help them have a little precious fun in what can be a trying situation.