Precious Items for a Precious Occasion

The celebration of a marriage is a fine thing, and customs have originated from a long time ago. During the Roman times husbands would celebrate 25 years of marriage by crowning their wives with a silver wreath on the day of their anniversary. Today, anniversaries are still celebrated by partners rewarding each other with precious gifts to mark the celebratory occasion. Usually, the gift that is supposed to be given is also adopted as the name of the anniversary, rather than the ordinal number – so 25th wedding anniversary is more often known as the ‘silver anniversary’. Below is a list of some of the most commonly recognised anniversaries and their adhering gifts:

1-10 Years

1st          Cotton

2nd        Paper

3rd         Leather

4th         Fruit

5th         Wood

6th         Sugar

7th         Wool

8th         Salt

9th         Copper

10th       Tin

5 year increments

15th       Crystal

20th       China

30th       Pearl

35th       Coral

40th       Ruby

10 year increments

50th       Gold

60th       Diamond

70th       Platinum

80th       Oak

90th       Granite

Floral Gifts

In addition to precious items being swapped by marriage partners, it is also custom to celebrate the occasion with certain types of flowers on each anniversary. Here are the commonly accepted traditions for selected years:

1st          Carnation

2nd        Lily of the Valley

3rd         Sunflower

4th         Hydrangea

5th         Daisy

10th       Daffodil

15th       Rose

20th       Aster

25th       Iris

30th       Lily

40th       Gladiolus

50th       Violet

Other Celebrations

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion between two people, and of course the couple usually celebrate together to mark the occasion, as well as providing each other gifts according to the traditional pattern. The obvious choice is fine-dining, and treating each other to an expensive meal at a restaurant, although many couples choose to cook something at home, especially if they have children to look after. There are also a wide range of greetings cards that can be bought to give to a partner. These add a personal touch and usually complement the traditional gift and floral arrangements.

Finding the Right Gifts

Since wedding anniversary gifts stick to such rigid tradition, it can often prove to be a bit difficult finding the right gift just anywhere. This is where a special stockist comes in handy, exactly for these special occasions. Based in the West Midlands, Greetings House is one of the largest suppliers of gifts and anniversary cards in Birmingham. They will have unique and creative products made from the materials required, that especially mark the year of the anniversary (although jewellery will need to be purchased from another supplier). They also have a big stock of customised cards to mark each year of the marriage.

The Art of Gift Giving

Wedding anniversaries are steeped in tradition that dates back millennia. The gifts that signify each year of the marriage are very symbolic to reflect the precious nature of marriage, as are the floral arrangements that must be followed. In addition to swapping gifts with each other following this strict pattern, couples also provide each other personalised greetings cards and also celebrate the day with an appropriate activity, such as eating a special meal together. Even though anniversaries seem standardised by this tradition, it is not difficult to make the gifts and cards very personal if you find the correct supplier to choose from.