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Paid or Free Dating Sites – Which One Is Better?

There is a huge debate going online as to which kind of dating sites are good, paid or free. But, actually both have their own advantage and disadvantages. Free dating sites has many members, while the response rate of the paid dating sites is known to be better. Here are few points that would help you decide –

  • Paid dating sites have lesser number of members in general than the free ones.
  • Free dating sites, as the name suggests, does not involve money.
  • The response rate is better in paid dating services.
  • The members are verified in paid dating services.
  • The chances of scams and fake members are less in paid dating services.
  • The free sites provide members with more choices in terms of members they can date with.

The above mentioned points would help bring few of the points in perspective, but in the end it is your personal choice that would help you decide whether you want to join a free site or a paid site. Paid sites have a benefit that all its members are genuine and verified. It also means that each of the members are really interested in dating, and are taking the matter of dating really seriously. On free dating sites, many people are inactive, and have just made the profiles just for the sake of it, or for just time pass sake. However, on the paid dating sites, people are actually active, and you are sure in most of the cases to get good response. When people pay money for something, they are serious about it and want to extract the maximum benefit out of it, and this is also the case with the paid dating sites.

Also, there are many sites like Kovla, where you can enjoy both free and paid dating services, with the only difference being that in the paid version, you would be able to enjoy a couple of more features, which would accelerate the pace of finding you dream dating partner. There are many free sites as well, and the main benefit of free dating sites is that it has millions of members, and it becomes much easier when people have more options to choose from. So, always remember that whether you are joining free or paid dating site, join the one which is reputed, reliable and credible. You would have to make sure that you get what you are looking for, and this can only happen when you do a bit of research and review about different dating sites.