OPT health insurance introduction

After people graduated and start their OPT. Currently, everyone is busy looking for a job, looking for an internship; busy moving; busy submitting materials for applying for OPT; busy and saying goodbye to friends who are about to return. There are too many things to worry about during the busy graduation season, and a very important issue is often overlooked – health insurance (also known as opt 保险).

what to do with insurance during opt.(Opt期间保险怎么办) If you are lucky enough to  find a job when you graduate, and it is a good choice to apply for health insurance through your new employer. However, not every company provides health insurance, especially for small companies. There are also companies that, even with insurance, must join the company’s collective insurance after a few months of probation. This can easily cause the problem of outage during OPT.

A lot of the schools also stops provide insurance after graduation, a lot of OPT students did not realize that. For international students who have just left the campus, losing health insurance is a very dangerous thing. Even both of your company and school won’t provide you insurance anymore, you can still buy insurance yourself. This article will recommend some insurance that are great for OPT (also known as Opt 医保推荐). ISO (also known as iso 保险) has insurance plans for OPT students, and the doctors in the network pay 75%. There are also two deductibles of $400/$250 to choose from.

Deductible: It is the sum of money that the policyholder needs to pay first in the medical expenses. After the money was paid, the insurance began to reimburse the medical expenses after the reimbursement.

More importantly, the price is also very cute, with monthly insurance as low as 39 knives. No matter which state you work in, you can find doctors in the network. This plan is to buy from 3 months, flexible time, unsure of students who have stayed in the United States for a long time, or students who are waiting for the company’s collective insurance can be used as transition insurance.