Online Discount Shopping Like a Pro

One of the best ways to shop online for anything is using a coupon. That’s just a tip of the iceberg, though. Frugal spenders and shoppers know they can take advantage of coupons and double or triple the savings a single coupon offers. Sounds like magic, right?

It only looks like magic if you are new to coupons, but don’ fret. Here you’ll learn everything about coupons, how to double on coupons and which stores will double your coupons. Hold on to your Santa hat because this holiday we’ll be making a lot of savings.

The Mystery of Coupon Doubling

Stores that double the value of a coupon only do so at a particular time or period. The stores may also set out a specific amount it will not go above.

For instance, if you have online coupons for Dunkin Donuts, and the coupon offers a discount of 15 percent, presenting it to a doubling store earns you double the discount, which is 30 percent. Most of the time, the coupon states which items are eligible for a discount, the quantity you need to qualify for the rebate, and the expiration date of the coupon.

Most of the times, doubling only applies to food coupons. You should, therefore, know how to find food stores and groceries that double coupons.

Finding Stores that Double Coupons

Each food store or grocery has its rules on coupon doubling. These rules are different from state to state, so there’s no catch-all rule for finding the stores. Also, the coupon policies keep changing all the time making it somewhat hard to follow up with online stores coupons in the food category.

The best way to find out the coupon policy is by contacting the store. The customer representative may offer heaps of helpful information, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, contact the main offices.

Contacting the main offices is your best bet to pin down the company’s online stores coupons. If the main office’s policies differ from that of the local store, you can ask for a copy of the updated policies and present to the local store on your next shopping expedition.

What If Your Store Doesn’t Double on Coupons?

If your favorite grocery or coffee shop doesn’t double on coupons, don’t fret. Maybe it’s time you switched to a store that doubles on online coupons. Find a store that has double coupon days and try their products. Before Coke accompanied any meal, the beverage was just like any other ordinary soft drink.

It took hand-written coupons to draw people into the Coca-Cola side of life, and what a sweet side it was. There’s no better tasting soda than a cold Coke. Without the coupons, though, Coca-Cola would still be in oblivion.

Therefore, changing stores might not be such a bad thing. By changing stores, you might come across the best tasting donuts you ever had.  With the change, you also get to enjoy double bargains on your coupons.

Be smart this holiday and look for double coupons to save big before the year ends.