Make a Boat Winterizing Checklist before Storing your Boat

Shopping has been considered the most favorite past time for women. However, it would not be wrong to suggest that men also shop around with sparkling eyes, when they have to shop for something they cherish the most. Shopping for your most lovable thing would be a great experience in itself. You would search for the best item available in the market for your cherished thing. Most people cherish their boats more than anything else. Every year, these boat owners would make full use of their boats in the water. Although, the boat owners could make use of their wonderful time with their boats in the water for a short duration only, they would make the most of the time spent.

Summers do not last very long. As a result, the approaching winters would require you to arrange for safe and secure area for your boat. The boat owner would not want to keep their cherished thing to be kept in the blistering cold climate. They are best advised to winterize their boats. It is imperative to winterize your boats in order to make use of your boat in the coming summer season without any hassle. You have to ensure that you are ready with boat winterizing checklist. Check the boat for repairs or replace with newly purchased parts where necessary.

Checking the Hull

Check around the boat to look for cracks or any other mishappenings to the hull. In case, your boat has stress cracks, it would be considered a structural damage to the boat. The boat would require immediate repair or replacement.

The Bottom of the Boat

It is imperative that you check the bottom of your boat for stuck seaweed, mildew, barnacles or any creatures from the sea hanging from the bottom of the boat. Before you contemplate to cover your boat for winters, you have to ensure that the boat is clear from all kinds of sea leftovers. The sea leftovers should be scraped thoroughly, sand the area before you send the boat for a pressure wash.

Clean the Boat from Inside

The inside of the boat should also be cleaned before winterizing. The boat cover would aptly take care of the outside of the boat. However, the inside of the boat would require specific care. Purchase a cleaners and protectant to prevent the vinyl from developing cracks because of harsh winter air. The inside of the boat should be kept dry during winterization. It would reduce the chances of mold infection. You could give a vent in the boat cover to prevent mold growth due to continuous airflow.

Clean the Boat Engine Thoroughly

Winter could possibly do more damage to the engine of the boat, despite covering. The pipes could freeze and fuel could degrade because of a boat not being properly winterized. The condition of the boat engine should be checked before storing. Empty the fuel from the engine, flush it with water before drying and storing.

Boat Cover

Lastly, choose a boat cover to hug the frame. The cover should be water repellent. Keep vent in the cover to reduce moisture forming under the cover.