Kids love these elastic shoelaces

One fine evening your child comes home from school with his knees splattered with blood. Naturally, you feel alarmed and ask him the reason for the same. He nonchalantly replies that he fell down as he tripped on his shoelaces. Now, this can be a common occurrence in many a household. Such an incident would not have occurred had you used the no tie shoelaces for kids.

What are these no tie shoe laces for kids and how could they have avoided this accident? Read on to know more.

Tripping and falling over the shoelaces is nothing new for children. This happens with children every day. In addition, an overwhelming majority of children does not know how to tie their shoelaces as well. Hence, they reach home with the lace ends flying all over the place.

The elastic shoelaces are the perfect alternative for them. These are small elastic strips that one can easily use in place of the traditional shoelaces. These elastic strips easily slip through the eyelets in the same way your traditional laces do. It is very easy to fasten these shoelaces. They do not unfasten on their own. You have to unlock them before slipping them out. In fact, there would be no need for you to slip them out as well. Once you fasten the same, they can stay as it is. You have to slip on your shoes and start walking. It is as easy as that.

The elastic strips are such that they expand and contract as you move your feet. Hence, they give the same comfort as if you are walking barefoot. You are able to twist and turn your feet easily without any problem. The laces hold on to your shoes beautifully.

One of the greatest aspects of these laces is that children love them. They do not find them cumbersome to tie. It is easy to slip them on and fasten it. Secondly, these shoelaces come in a range of colors. Children love colors and would like to wear a different color each day.

Children have a habit of splashing water whenever they come across a puddle. The normal laces can get wet and dirty. The Hickies do not. Removing wet laces can be a big issue. It is not the case with the elastic shoelaces. You can unfasten them at any time with the same degree of ease.

Remember, you did not have this alternative when you were a kid. The present day kids have them. Hence, it is in the fitness of things that you get them a box of elastic shoelaces to use. They would simply love to trade these runner bands like contraptions with their friends. It is a great feeling to be able to do so.

It is possible to wear your shoes loose as well as tight using these elastomer strips. They have a unique memory feature whereby they remember the size you have used them the last time around. This makes it easy for you to wear them.