Is The Hoverboard Cart Suitable For Adults?

Hoverboards carts are very popular among kids for one main reason. You can easily convert them as go-karts. Advertisements are full of pictures depicting children riding the hoverboard carts. It’s understandable that adults would like to join in, too. They are relatively easy to find for sale, but finding the right one for you may not be so easy, so you best check out some good review sites or get simple good advice

This raises the question, is the hoverboard cart suitable for adults? The answer is yes. Despite their appearance, many of the carts are sturdy and capable of carrying an adult. This makes them wonderful gifts not only for children but adults as well. Imagine both parents and their children spending quality time by riding together.

Adult Can Use Them Too

A lot of these hoverboard carts can carry a child or an adult. This makes it an item that the whole family can use and enjoy. But just to be sure, carefully review the specifications or the cart’s manual. Even if the manufacturer has given his assurance, it still pays to verify the hoverboard cart’s specs.

Frame Specs

The construction of the cart’s frame is a clear indication of its strength and ability to carry the rider’s weight. Many cart frames out in the market are made of steel, but the best ones are usually made of titanium steel. You also need to take note of the springs used in the cart. Heavy duty ones are good indicators that they can carry an adult or heavy load.

Adjustable Frame Length

Carts that can accommodate adults usually have adjustable frames. Most frames have a standard length of 21.3 inches but that length can extend up to 31.9 inches. This means an average size adult can comfortably fit inside the cart. Several models can adjust up to four varying lengths. The next thing you want to check is the weight limit of the hoverboard cart.

The Bigger Load Capacity, The Better

Hoverboard cart makers usually indicate the maximum load that their product can carry. Those constructed with sturdy materials can carry up to 330 lbs. Of course, they are most likely more expensive than the rest. But it’s still a small price to pay if everyone in the family can use the hoverboard cart.

Hoverboard Cart Seat Specs

Many hoverboard carts can carry a load ranging from 200 to 330 lbs. These kinds of frames will have no problem carrying adult within those weight ranges. But there are certain models that are not suitable for heavyset adults. The problem is the seat. Some seats can accommodate kids and average adults. But the builders did not take into account people with bigger hip-thigh ratios.

Bigger Hoverboards

If you still need to buy a hoverboard yet or have several of them, consider using the bigger ones. Even without the cart, the 6-inch wheel model was designed for smaller drivers. You also have to take into account that the cart itself is included in the weight load. To fully appreciate the riding experience, consider using the 8- or 10-inch wheel hoverboards.

Cart Strap Quality

Assembling and installing a cart is easy since you only need to strap it onto the hoverboard. Before doing so, see to it that the strap materials appear sturdy. If not, it is better to ask for a replacement from the seller or manufacturer if possible. Securing the straps is straightforward since most of the straps are made of Velcro.

Front Wheel Size

All hoverboard carts come with a front wheel. Some models though have a 6-inch pneumatic type wheel while others have the 3-inch solid rubber tire. Based on riding experience, adults would certainly prefer the 6-inch front tires. The pneumatic types make the cart more stable and provide a smoother ride than the solid rubber. The bigger tires can also go to places where the smaller will have difficulty traversing such as uneven surfaces.


It’s pretty clear that adults can enjoy the hoverboard cart riding experience. You just need to make sure that the cart you are going to buy or use can accommodate you. Adjustable frames made with quality materials and supported by heavy duty springs are solid assurances that the cart is safe. Some hoverboard cart seats are not wide enough to fit a stocky individual comfortably. Consider also attaching the cart to hoverboards equipped with wheels bigger than 6 inches.