How to Select the Best Compound Bow?

Have you developed an interest in archery in the recent past? Then you may wonder to have a compound bow of your own. That’s a great endeavor indeed. But before being the Robin Hood of your peer, you need to know how to select the best compound bow by knowing certain things while shopping for the hunting gear.

Developed in 1966 by Holles Wilbur Allen in Missouri, the compound bow is formed by a levering system with a pulley or cams and cable. The both ends of the bow are stretched by the cables putting the arrow on it and released at the target to shoot it. The best advantage of using a compound bow is that the archer has to put less physical effort or poundage while fully drawing the bow.

Let’s find out how to select the best compound bow—

Ocular Dominance

Don’t worry or the fancy name, it is also known as the eye dominance in archery. Use the left or right eye that you use for aiming the target while drawing the bow in checking the compound bow.  It is actually the brain which decides the ocular dominance of the particular eye. It has nothing to do with the use of your left hand or right hand.

Go for the test to figure out your eye for setting target

Opt for the test to figure out which one of your eyes has the ocular dominance by placing the hands on the arm’s length and forming a triangular opening by pressing your fingers. Give it a shape of a door eye hole and test your sights by closing each eye by winking. Use another person’s help in covering one eye during the test so that you can find out the exact eye to use while targeting. Choose the bow accordingly with the help of the salesperson.

You need a fast bow

If you are fascinated by the quick archery of Achilles, then you need a bow that helps in shooting faster. Hunters prefer faster bows that help in pulling the strings as fast as possible while running after the hunt. Make sure the bow you have chosen is efficient in shooting the flatter arrow at a minimum pace of 280 fps for better results.

Price is not a barrier

Though many cheap and mid-priced bows perform excellent leaving behind the super expensive compound bows but on the contrary, you need to have that efficiency first to recognize whether you are lifting the right bow or not. Therefore, stick to the branded ones reputed for the amazing shooting experience for the beginners as well as the people intending to enjoy a great hunting experience. Go for the light yet strong compound bows promising to set the target quickly and efficiently.

These are some of the important things to remember while you are off to shop a compound bow for archery classes or for your next hunting expedition. But don’t forget to practice relentlessly to get the complete grip on the bow and the arrows.

Author’s Bio: Helen Shelton writes on different types of bows for helping her readers know more on the hunting gear. Besides a successful entrepreneur, she is a passionate writer aiming to cater all the latest updates on bows to her reliable readers.