How Can a Cold Water Dispenser Quench Your Thirst During Summer?

Water is always a crucial element in our day-to-day wellbeing. All the vital body processes are dependent on it in some way or the other to function optimally. Doctors and nutritionists often recommend people to drink at least 2 litres of water daily to keep illness at bay. This amount increases in summers or if the person does more of physical activity.

A cold water dispenser at home or offices is the right kind of appliance to own for quenching thirst during the summer months. It has multiple benefits, some of which are as under:

Helps in Making You Drink More Water

While everyone is aware of the minimum amount of water that one should drink daily, doing so is often easier said than done. We either don’t remember while we are working or feel lazy to go open a refrigerator, pour water into a glass and refill the bottle. Having cold water dispensers make it easy to gulp down a glass of water any time you feel like.

Improves Productivity

Several studies have shown that many people go about their daily chores in a somewhat dehydrated condition. Dehydration is often the root cause of many ailments impacting the overall performance of a person. As we know, the human body is made up of 70% water and to maintain optimum performance levels we need to top it up regularly with fresh and clean drinking water. With a water dispenser in place, you can do so with just a simple push of a button. Cold water dispensers provide you with cool filtered water to quench your thirst and keep your energy levels up during harsh summer months.

Helps you Cut Down on Empty Sugar

Often when a person feels thirsty in summer, they tend to pick up sugary sodas and juices instead of water. This is because they want something cool and refreshing. A cold water dispenser helps to skip this unnecessary sugar intake as you get chilled filtered water easily and conveniently.

Good for Health

The health of your employees is important so that their productivity doesn’t get affected. The purification process in water dispensers ensures that all the disease-causing contaminants are eradicated from water before dispensing. Thus, this water is 100% germ-free and healthy to drink.


The cold dispensers in offices work in favour of the environment too. Instead of buying a cold water bottle and dumping it in waste once it is empty, the employees can quench their thirst by drinking water from cold water dispensers. They can make use of reusable glassware or recyclable paper cups for it.

Taking all the above points into consideration, we can rightfully say that cold water dispensers are a healthy alternative to tap water during the summer months. So, if your office space is not equipped with one, it’s time to get it installed right away.