Have You Thought About Your Driving Wardrobe?

Whether you are a young driver or have been behind the wheel for years, you might not have thought about how your wardrobe affects your performance and safety on the road. Being involved in a traffic accident will not only be inconvenient, lead to costly car repairs and even increase the price of your insurance premiums in the future, it can also be very risky for you and could lead to injuries not only to yourself but to any passengers you’re driving with, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians. What you wear can have a bigger effect than you realise when it comes to road safety. We’ve put together some top tips on what to wear when you drive to improve your safety.

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#1. Your Shoes:

The shoes that you wear when you’re driving are an important factor of your outfit. Heels, for example, can be very dangerous to drive in as they can obstruct your use of the pedals and slow down your reactions if you need to hit the brakes quickly. A stiletto heel could get lodged underneath the pedal, for example, which could put you in a very dangerous situation on the road. If you’re traveling to somewhere and need to wear heels, a safer idea is to change into a safer pair of flat shoes and put your heels in the trunk for later. You should also avoid driving in sandals, flip flops, or shoes with a very thin sole.

#2. Baggy Trousers:

Very baggy trousers or jeans can become a safety concern when you’re driving if they are long and baggy around your feet. This will mean that they could obstruct your use of the pedals and if your feet can’t get to the pedals quickly, it can slow down your ability to brake or slow the car down when needed. In addition, pants or jeans that are baggy around the waist could be uncomfortable to drive in as they’ll slide down, which can distract you from the road. More Philadelphia traffic accidents than you realize are caused by wearing inappropriate clothing, so don’t let your wardrobe be the reason you’re involved in a crash. And if you are involved in an accident, consult an experienced car accident lawyer.

#3. A Long Skirt or Dress:

Take extra care if you are planning to drive wearing a long, maxi dress or skirt, as this type of fashion item could get caught underneath the pedals and obstruct your use of them. If your dress or skirt is very long, then it could also get caught underneath your feet as you drive and make it difficult for you to freely and quickly reach the pedals when you need to. If you can, tuck the dress or skirt in underneath yourself when sitting down to keep it away from your feet.

#4. Prioritize Comfort:

Finally, it’s key to prioritize your comfort when you are driving. Avoid wearing anything too tight and restrictive that will be uncomfortable for you to drive in and could result in you being distracted from the road.

Remember, it’s always better to take a change of clothes than risk an accident by driving in inappropriate clothing or footwear.