Five Sure Signs Your Mattress Needs Replacing

Today’s best quality mattresses may be designed to last you a long time, but sadly, that doesn’t mean that you can use the same one forever. If you’ve had your trusty mattress for a while, then you may have already noticed some of the main warning signs that it’s soon going to be time to think about getting a replacement. We’ve put together the main five warning signs that you’re going to be needing a new mattress soon.

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Sign #1. Waking Up is Painful:

After a while, mattresses lose some of their bounce and softness, leaving springs jutting through and providing little support to your body whilst you sleep. If you wake up every morning with pains in your back, neck, shoulders, and elsewhere on your body, then it’s highly likely that your mattress is the culprit. Or, if you’ve not been using this mattress for very long, it could be a sign that you’ve selected the wrong firmness for your body and sleeping style.

Sign #2. It’s Getting Lumpy:

Lumps and bumps on your mattress don’t just look unsightly – they can also be uncomfortable and even painful to sleep on. If you’re struggling to get to sleep at night because of a lump that’s developed smack bang in the middle of your mattress, then it’s a sure sign that you’re in the market for a new one. The same goes for sags – over time, body impressions can change the shape of your mattress, making it less comfortable and supportive. Check out this Purple Mattress review for some great ideas for your upgrade.

Sign #3. You Sleep Better Elsewhere:

Have you recently stayed at a friend’s house and found that you had a better night’s sleep in their spare room? Or, did a stay at a hotel leave you feeling more refreshed and energized than any night at home? Maybe you’ve even found that you enjoy a better night’s sleep on your sofa. If this is the case, then it’s definitely time to start considering swapping your current mattress for a newer and more comfortable one.

Sign #4. Your Allergies are Worsening:

Over time, mattresses collect dust particles and other allergens. Although it’s possible to have your mattress professionally cleaned, if it’s been a while since you first got it, it’s probably better to just replace it altogether. If you’ve been experiencing a surge in allergy symptoms, especially at night, it’s likely a sign that your mattress has been collecting dust for too long.

Sign #5. You’re Suffering from Insomnia:

If you struggle to get to sleep at night, even if you go to bed feeling tired, then this could be a sign that your mattress is due for a replacement. Of course, it’s good to think of other reasons why you could be struggling to sleep – many factors can play a part, including your technology use before bed, how much caffeine you drink, and the temperature. But, if you’re practicing good sleep hygiene and still can’t get some shut-eye, a new mattress may be what it takes.

Are you experiencing any of these signs with your mattress? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.