Casual Dining Vs. Fine Dining

Eating at a restaurant is a very common thing nowadays. Based on the décor, the interiors, the menu, preparation style, pricing and serving, these restaurants are categorised into several categories and fine and casual dining are two such categories.

The history of restaurant dates back to centuries when the first restaurant was officially opened in Paris in 1782. Post the French revolution, the members of the elite class took advantage of their aristocratic background and offered the dining experience of the nobility at a price. That is how fine dining came into existence and soon flourished.

It took more than 150 years for restaurants to cover the journey from fine dining to casual with casual dining becoming popular only after 1950.

Fine Dining

Eating at a fine restaurant like 52 Janpath is all about the experience. The dapper waiting staffs can make you feel like a king. There is fancy cutlery on display, delicious meals prepared by the best chefs, awesome presentation, cosy but elegant interiors – all are meant just to provide you with that sense of importance.

In fine dining, you need to make reservations beforehand and the guests are quietly seated at the pre-selected places by the host. The restaurant set-up, layout, and features are all top of the line. The ambience will be sophisticated with fantastic art, comfortable and great seating and the vibes will be first-class. The lighting is soft, music very soothing and the feel is quiet. Attention is paid to the minute details and there is nothing that should disappoint or offend the diner.

The menu items are highly creative. There are courses to be followed and in each course, the food comes in small portions but plated very elegantly. It looks like the chef has created a work of art on the plate.

Now comes the bitter truth. This experience doesn’t come cheap and you need to part with substantial cash for this out-of-the-world experience. Some people might argue that shedding so much of cash for food is not right, but there are people who are ready to pay for the optimal experience.

Casual Dining

If you are the one who doesn’t find paying exorbitant amounts of money just for experience, then casual dining is the right choice for you. Restaurants like 38 Barracks change the outlet provide you good experience and tasty food, but at a much affordable rate.

Casual dining restaurants lie between the fast food chains and the fine dining restaurants and serve food in a casual atmosphere. There is a laid-back, friendly and informal atmosphere and they have options of ala carte as well as buffet.

The décor in these restaurants varies a lot. It can be airy and bright or dim and moody. The tables may be covered with a tablecloth or may be without one and having a rustic feel. To dine in such restaurants, you don’t need to follow any particular dress code. You can walk-in in anything you feel comfortable. It’s a great place to chill with friends and family alike.

While fine dining restaurants have well-trained staff that knows all rules about placing cutlery, napkins and is over courteous, the same doesn’t apply to casual dining restaurants. Even the chefs that prepare food need not be a certified one. The food and service, however, is of good quality though attention to detail in the making of the food and the service involved is not to the extent that is there in fine dining.

The experience in both the places – fine dining and casual dining is quite different and one should try to get a taste of both.