In a perfect world it should be at least an entire month of love and romancing, but let’s face it, there aren’t too many guys out there that have the abundance of creativity it takes to inherently strategize one week of romance, let alone an entire month of dining and wine. If you’re one of those guys who can do that, I’d like to hear from you to get a few pointers. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship with no plans leading up to your first Valentine’s day, I guess that you may be interested in search out what you could be doing to create a more unique and memorable Valentine’s day experience for your women.

My girlfriend always tells me that (for her and most other women) it ALL start in mind. You can’t just wake up on Valentine’s day, turn on the romantic occasion charm and expect her to get with the program just because of the date. She knows your game; she knows that you haven’t put the work in and she knows that you’re only after one thing.

  1. Make a romantic playlist

Collate a compilation of all the songs that make you think of her. I can clearly remember some of the romantic songs my girlfriend and I used to listen to as we shared earplugs and walked through the garden. If you want to take it up a gear and go one step further then consider recording your message introducing each song and clarify why you picked it and how it reminds you of her. It’s dead simple to do, use your phone to record your message and add to the romantic playlist to create a special memory that will last for years to come.

  1.  Make a love card or note

Off the shelf, cards are fantastic if you’re in a hurry. However, nothing beats such a caring yet the straightforward task of making your own, indicate, love card with beautiful valentine flowers. Take a trip to your local card shop, and you’ll find loads of material to make whatever kind of love card you like! It’s the token of love that no one in the world will be able to amuse.

  1. Presence over presents

Sometimes the best presents you can give her is your peaceful time. Clear your lineup and dedicate a whole romantic evening to her and her alone. This takes planning and means that you may need to rock out the night before to make sure you have everything you need to help give her your whole attention. Cut yourself off from the whole world, switch off your mobile, don’t answer the door answer the door and enjoy each other presence. No disturbance.

  1. Take her back to where it all started

Recreate your first romantic dinner date. Visit her favorite restaurant and remind your girlfriend of what created that spark in the first place. Show off how attentive, passionate and thoughtful you were and still are. Take her back to that memorable moment where the flame was first lit.

  1. Special dinner for two

Make a dinner reservation for two at your house address. Either cook a romantic meal and a special delicious Valentine cake or if you can’t cook or baked, order food in and serve it up as if it was made with your very own hands. Make the home look a bit elegant and dress up in your most beautiful. Dressing up always makes the occasion feel extra romantic. Light some scented candles or why not try setting the mood with some dim lights. This can be an attractive alternative if you don’t have dimmers on your home lighting.

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