Best Earring Types To Wear At Work

“Dress to impress” are 3 words defining the entire mechanism of how formal dressing impacts our professional life. Generally, your professional attire should be apt and proper. Formals make you look smart and professional, although the other side is it is not that glamorous. To put it straight, people will judge you as incompetent and clumsy if you are not dressed appropriately. You know what they say, dress like what you want to be and you will embody it, that’s actually true.

Your earrings probably play the best thing to accessorize with your formal attire. These are something that you can innovate on a professional level without attracting too many eyes. Their size makes them small enough to hide and yet their placement makes them noticeable. The biggest mistake while selecting earrings for work would be to contrast. Contrasting is your biggest enemy here, striking earrings in color or design will attract more attention impairing with your look and making you feel odd. You need a pair which cohesively merges with your attire adding up to your overall look. Also, along with your earrings avoid wearing any flashy ornaments. Your office is a place for your talent to shine not your ornaments.

The first thing before choosing the right set of earrings is to make sure they are complementing with your face shape. Earrings provide an enhanced look, match it up with your face shape to give a more professional look. Studs are probably the most professional of them all. They are sophisticated, blend well, and have a sense of class. Studs are far better than your usual long and dangling earrings, it’s simple jewelry that works beautifully for meetings and other special occasions.

The women who find studs too plain can opt for small hoop earrings of either gold or silver. This form of traditional drop earring steals the show with an overall elegant look. They are suitable for both casual events and formal meetings. Single drops not just uplift your look but adds layers to your facial features too, which is perfect for both formal and casual settings.

Simple drops and huggies can create a strong businesswoman persona. They make you look formal, bold and also accentuate a strong jawline. A strong jaw is a big indicator of a person being fair and confident. The next aspect of formal dressing would be the occasion. You need to know which formal occasion you are going to dress for; if it’s a usual board meeting then studs are the one to pick and if it’s an annual event or award function you can blend it with a little casual design too.

Your work environment is also a great influence on your dressing psychology. If you work in a bank or a law firm you need to dress as formally as possible but if your work is creative like in advertising or social media marketing where people have a very casual attitude towards their work, your long, shiny, dangling earrings will not be bothersome. The bottom line is that earrings are a great way to accessorize your formal outfit, which contributes to your natural presentation. However, you are a professional and should use your earring to maintain a professional look at your workplace.