Benefits Of Sourcing From A Wholesale Apparel Store

Are you thinking of donating to a charity by sending them some apparel? You are on to a noble task, make sure your money fetches the best value possible. If you want to donate things to charities ordering wholesale apparel is one of the best ways to go about it. Not many people consider buying from a wholesale store because of the misconceptions they entertain. Here are some of the top benefits of ordering from a wholesale apparel.

How much money do you want to set aside for charities? Are you a person that sets aside some money every month or you are someone who gives away donations as and when you feel like doing so? Either way, you would be putting aside a specific amount of money for this purpose. If you buy any apparel that you want to donate to the charities from a retail store you are likely to spend a certain amount of money. The budget will remain the same because you will buy for the amount that you set aside. However, if you change the strategy a bit and order from a wholesale store you will be able to get more for the same price and more people would benefit.

For example if you want to donate socks to charities and homeless shelters during winter season you will be able to buy more pairs of socks when you order wholesale socks. Wholesale stores will charge you just 10% of what you pay from a retail store. They will however not be selling one or two pairs. You may need to order an entire case regardless of whether it is socks or other apparel. As you are only going to give away as donation to the charities, you might as well consider ordering an entire case.

In case whatever you currently put aside if not going to be sufficient to source an entire case of apparel you can wait for some time to accumulate enough money to meet the minimum order quantity. It makes perfect sense to wait here rather than just rushing to order just one or two pieces.

There are many online wholesale apparel stores you could consider for placing your order. When you order from a wholesaler even if you are just paying 10% of the retail price, you will not have to worry about the quality. With retail stores if they are giving steep discounts or if they sell at a very low price the chances are that the quality is compromised at some point of time. So you can avoid all such concerns by ordering from a wholesale store. Make no mistakes, you will certainly be happy that you ordered from a wholesale store when you see more people benefiting from your donation. It is possible to ship directly to the charity of your choice and save yourself from the hassles. Look for the most trustworthy wholesale store to order all types of apparels at the most competitive wholesale prices.

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