Aroma Therapy in the Home

The trend today is for a comfortable and serene living environment and scented candles are the ideal way to turn your home into a more relaxing place. There are other solutions that give you an overall pleasant aroma throughout the home, with reed diffusers becoming very popular. Scented candles come in many shapes and sizes, and with specialised online suppliers, it is possible to purchase unique fragrances that will add a touch of elegance to any room.

Reed Diffusers

The liquid comprises of special aromas and scents and when the reeds are inserted, the oil is absorbed along the length of the stem, and the scent is distributed around the room by way of evaporation. The process to scent an average room takes between 24 – 36 hours, and the aroma will be evident throughout.

Diffuser Care

Reed diffusers are flammable and should be kept away from open flames, and the liquid might damage polished surfaces, so make sure you wipe up any spillage promptly. Avoid getting the liquid on your skin, as it can cause an allergic reaction in some people. You should always read the information that comes with the product and this should tell you how to correctly handle and dispose of the oil.

Scented Candle Care

If you are going to use them, luxury scented candles made using the finest ingredients will ensure a clean and fresh aroma at all times, and with online suppliers, you have an unlimited choice of unique fragrances at affordable prices. The candle wick should never be longer than 5mm, as this will ensure a minimum of smoke and a better diffusion of the aroma, and it also yields a smaller flame.

Candle Memory

Setting the candle memory will maximise the life of your scented candle, with the size of the wax pool on the first burn determining the overall burning of the candle. When you light the candle for the first time, do not extinguish the flame for at least three hours, during which time, the oil will be evenly distributed around the perimeter of the candle base. Failure to do this will result in a funnelling effect, where most of the wax will be unburned, and this is rather wasteful.

The Right Location

Scented candles should be kept well away from draughts, as still air makes for an even burn and keeps smoke to a minimum. It is an idea to have them at floor level, which makes for an even aroma throughout the room, and with a range of unique fragrances, you can create the perfect aroma for your home.

Mood Enhancers

Scented candles provide a pleasant aroma in the home and this can really have a positive effect on your moods. Relaxation is much easier in the right setting, and scented candles offer a cost effective way to make your living space a calm and pleasant area in which to spend your downtime.

Scented candles are very trendy right now, and for good reason, as they offer a serene and pleasant addition to the living space, and with online suppliers, you have a huge range of unique fragrances.