A Man’s Easy Guide For Finding An Engagement Ring!

Women (well, most of them) can never have enough of shoes and diamonds! If you are thinking of proposing your love, the first obvious step is to select a ring. Most men have a hard time finding the right ring for their beloved, because they hardly know the trends, basic dos and don’ts of buying jewelry, or what women like in the first place. When you are searching for a near-perfect proposal ring in Singapore, we recommend that you check the guide below for help.

Establish the basic things

Start with your budget – Period. The best rings can cost a million or more, and it only makes sense to have a clear idea of the final price you can afford. Next, consider what kind of ring you would want to buy. For proposals, solitaire rings and bands are equally popular. Most buyers often think of sentiments, but keep in mind that you are making a practical investment, so it has to make sense. Think of what your lady may like. For example, if your woman is someone who has an active and busy lifestyle, you don’t want a ring that’s too high on maintenance.

Selecting the stone

Diamonds are easily the best choice for proposal and engagement rings, but many men are also opting for alternate gemstones, such as sapphires and emeralds. You have to find what works for your budget and possible expectations. Diamonds are expensive, but remain a standard and traditional choice for proposing love and marriage. In case of diamonds, consider the color and cut over clarity and carat, although it’s more of a choice. It is also absolutely necessary to ensure that diamonds are certified.

Find the best metal for the ring

Yellow gold is always a great choice on its own, especially if you are opting for a metal band. For diamond rings, you have to settle for 18k gold or platinum. The latter is expensive but a more unique and better choice for diamonds, while some buyers are also interested in other options like yellow gold. The price of the ring depends on the metal and gemstones equally, so keep that in mind.

In conclusion

Engagement rings are forever, and it is best to spend a tad more on something that fits your expectations. Of course, don’t shy away from experimenting with ring designs, as long as the maintenance is not a big factor.