6 Advantages of Buying an Electric Bike

There are countless advantages to buying an electric bike, they come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be purchased at a variety of locations across the UK. They are great for busy urban areas and also for injury prone riders. E-bikes allow you to get out in the fresh air and not have to worry about timetables or traffic jams when planning your route. 

  1. Shorter Journey Times

You’ll find that using an electric bike will help you to shorten your journey times and reach your destination much quicker than usual. The extra features on an E-bike ensure you get assistance when you most need it, such as cycling against strong headwinds. An electric bike gives you more time in the morning to get yourself ready because your journey is now considerably shorter than before.

  1. Cost-Effective

Electric bikes offer a great alternative to regular modes of transport such as buses or cars, in addition, you won’t spend as much money on insurance, taxes, public transport fees, or gasoline. You’ll be able to save towards something far more enjoyable like a weekend away. Interested consumers can purchase a variety of electric bikes in Scarborough from Roodog, an authentic E-bike supplier who offer high-quality products for reasonable prices.

  1. Eco-Friendly

In comparison to other forms of transports, electric bikes are way better for the environment. Take for example a car, it consumes fuel at an average rate of 15,000 watts of electric energy, an E-bike only uses a mere 120 watts. That is a substantial difference if you are concerned about the environment and clean energy.

  1. Health Benefits

Electric bikes are great for keeping fit, studies suggest that regular, moderate cycling helps to reduce the risk of numerous illnesses and disease such as cancer, obesity and hypertension. Some people believe that a regular bike will keep you fitter, but an electric bike can be switched off so you don’t use the battery and they encourage riders to take longer journeys because they have the motor to assist them if they have no energy left to cycle home. You can cycle until exhaustion, knowing you’ll have assistance on the way back.

  1. Difficult Terrain

Electric bikes allow you to tackle tough terrain such as hills and mountainous regions. Not everyone can use a regular bike to cycle up steep hills, some people need assistance and E-bikes offer the perfect solution. Riders can use the battery powered motor to support them when they set about conquering steep terrain, your legs won’t feel like concrete blocks and you’ll be able to breath when you reach the summit.

  1. Enjoyable

E-bikes are fun to ride, unlike traditional bikes, you can switch to automatic when you feel tired and enjoy your surroundings.

E-bikes don’t take away from the enjoyment of cycling, they add to the experience. The make cycling a more inclusive physical activity, especially for older adults or individuals with certain ailments. They can be bought for an affordable price, from a range of dealerships.