5 Top Tips for Getting (and Staying) Organised

If getting organised is something that doesn’t come naturally to you then it can seem like an insurmountable task, and staying organised can feel like another challenge entirely. Here are some easy to follow tips for getting organised and then staying organised too.

Write things down

This one might sound obvious, but writing everything down is a simple way to visualise your day, or week, ahead. Many of the most prepared people I know cite bullet journaling as revolutionising their ability to remain organised.

Bullet journaling is a great method to keep an eye on what needs to be achieved that day, and what can maybe wait until tomorrow. Prioritising tasks and recognising that some things can be delayed is just as important for keeping organised.

Plan Ahead

Similar to keeping lists, planning ahead deserves its own mention as it covers many bases. If you are aware of what will be needed and when, your mind remains free to concentrate on your daily and weekly tasks.

From arranging your weekly grocery shopping, to setting up a recurring delivery of toiletries from Amazon or subscribing to a monthly box of pet food, taking care of the necessities in this way helps prevent any last minute issues cropping up that could interfere with your daily deadlines.

Reward Yourself

This is the fun bit if you don’t find the act of organising fun in itself. Make sure that you allocate yourself breaks and allow time for rewards when you stay on track.

Set some interim rewards, like an evening out or some new stationary, and work up to larger rewards, such as a holiday or that new watch you can’t stop thinking about. If budget is a concern, reframe the rewards to suit you; completing your tasks by 3pm could mean coffee and cake in a nice cafe.


Keeping yourself organised can also mean keeping the clutter around you down to a minimum. The fewer things you have around you, the fewer distractions you have, and the less you need to worry about tidying it up!

Throwing out any unnecessary bits will help the positive flow of your spaces. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless. If you haven’t used something for more than 6 months, it could be time to get rid.

Find Your Groove

Are you always busy on a Monday no matter what you intend to get done? Are Fridays a non-starter? Do you struggle to get things done before midday but after lunch you’re in the zone? By identifying your individual flow, you can learn to schedule your tasks accordingly. You’ll be more likely to achieve your goals and, crucially, maintain an organised lifestyle in the long term.

When starting from the very beginning, becoming a more organised person can feel overwhelming. However, with a few tweaks to your habits and establishing a routine, it can be achieved. Most importantly it can also be maintained with relative ease too.