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Uniform Services Make Good Business Sense for Food Processing Companies

Steive Pavel January 21, 2017 Apparels Comments Off on Uniform Services Make Good Business Sense for Food Processing Companies
Uniform Services Make Good Business Sense for Food Processing Companies

Federal agencies have placed stringent regulations on food safety and commercially appropriate garments are important for a food processing company to maintain compliance. But creating a cache of uniforms for many California food outfits isn’t economically viable, which is why many turn to the established uniform services Sacramento offers to create lease agreements.

Under the current Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points that the government has developed for food processing safety, workers are expected to adhere to rigorous food safety guidelines that require:

  • Complete uniforms that are thoroughly cleaned before each shift
  • Accessories that include aprons, gloves, hair nets and beard nets
  • Commercial uniforms that are not worn outside the work area
  • Disposable food handling items such as gloves
  • Worn and tattered uniforms are prohibited
  • Uniforms must not have pockets or catch areas that can lead to product build up

While these appropriate uniform and work garments guidelines are only moderately specific, some companies may feel they can take on providing in-house uniforms and accessories. However, government regulations go much further than simply outfitting a work crew. Employers in the food industry must also ensure against contamination. This means undertaking:

  • Proper washing formulas and temperatures that remove bacteria and harmful organisms
  • Utilizing commercial detergents that eradicate microorganisms
  • Washing uniforms at a minimum of 160 degrees for longer than 25 minutes
  • Storing or transporting work clothes in a fashion that avoids potential contamination

As you can see, the more a California company understand how much work the process amounts to, the more beneficial partnering with one of the uniform services Sacramento makes good business sense.

In terms of meeting government standards, California-based businesses that work with the uniform services Sacramento enjoys take the burden of tracking best practices off their shoulders. A uniform company is in the business of providing agencies with regular and detailed reporting about methods, standards and your utilization of appropriate commercial garments. They can help you manage industry standard garment usage while creating a record of compliance for you.

Once the decision has been made to work with a service, the next steps are deciding on appropriate uniforms and accessories.

One of the keys will be what type of material to use. It may surprise you to know that aprons made of vinyl or poly materials have drawbacks. They can harden and crack. That creates catch areas for food to become crusted. The garment material can also flake off into your products. Color coding is also a good practice to use in a mid-sized or large processing plant. It helps to visually distinguish work stations and leadership personnel.

Uniform service companies can help you select materials and designs that are suited for your company’s unique needs.

There are a wide range of benefits for food processing companies to have an ongoing relationship with the uniform services Sacramento has in place. It is a cost-effective business practice that helps you to keep your focus on producing the bread and butter products make you profitable.


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